BitcoinerBio By The Numbers

BitcoinerBio is an open startup, sharing metrics and learnings on the road to empower more people to become entrepreneurs.

Week 1

March 13th - March 19th

96 Users

Almost 100 registration without any marketing besides a Twitter thread is pretty good to me!

2 Premium Users

Getting the first paid user was huge. You know who you are, thank you for your support!

1.900 Page Views

Close to 2000 page views on 627 unique visits. Most of the users came from Germany.

Learning Of The Week

The paid plan is too expensive. I will introduce a tier between the free and premium plan.

What Happened During The Week?

Published the app, got the first paid user, built the OG social image edge function, added custom content section and markdown in the bio editor. Next is analytics, sponsors section and marketing.