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The Basics
Add All Your Links

Make it easy for people to find all your online profiles and websites in one place. It also helps you promote your content and brand.

This could link to your website

Or an article you wrote

Or the gear you use to make videos

Social Media Integration
Automatically Display Your Recent Content

Just connect your YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Substack account and RSS podcast feed and your bio page will be updated daily with your latest content and follower counts.

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Easily Receive Bitcoin

Receiving Bitcoin donations doesn't get easier than that. Just add your lightning address in your profile and you're good to go. Chrome extensions like Alby even automatically recognize there is a lightning address in your bio.

Color Schemes
Select Colors Of Your Brand

Choose between three color schemes and set a primary color that represents your brand. Combine it with a text font of your choice to individualize your profile.

Track Your Profile's Performance

See how many people visit your profile, where they come from and which links they click on. Use this data to improve your profile and content. Privacy friendly - without tracking cookies!

There Is More And More To Come
A Growing List Of Features To Help You Stand Out

Simplify how people reach out to you - through email, nostr or X. Answer common questions,
showcase your favorite products and content with visuals, and make yourself available
for consultations via Calendly or, among other features.

Custom Content

Add your own content with an image and link


Easily schedule calls with visitors


Tell visitors more about who you are


Earn through advertising space and referral links


Let visitors copy your Nostr pubkey


Email address in your profile


Tags describe your role in the bitcoin community


Answer frequently asked questions

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