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No need to create a new account. Just use your Twitter account for a streamlined and hassle-free registration. We automatically pull your profile picture and bio. Your profile will be on bitcoiner.bio/yourTwitterHandle.

Social Media Integration: Automatically Display Your Recent Content

Just connect your YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and/or Substack accounts and your bio page will be updated dayly with your latest content and follower counts. This is a paid feature.

Donations: Easily Receive Bitcoin

Receiving Bitcoin donations doesn't get easier than that. Just add your lightning address in your profile and you're good to go. Chrome extensions like Alby even automatically recognize there is a lightning address in your bio.

There Is More (And More To Come)

Make it simple for people to contact you, copy your Nostr npub key and answer frequently asked questions, recommend your favourite products and content etc.




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