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Hi! I'm the creator of BitcoinerBio.

I run a YouTube channel where I cover my journey as a digital nomad and indie hacker, building small tech products. I code, design, write, edit, learn, read, run and ski. I'm a lifelong learner and like to dig down rabbit holes.

My Startups:

The 'Link in Bio' for Bitcoiners: BitcoinerBio

Learn a language by reading and listening to whatever you want: Lenguia

Become a better Valorant Player using our data analysis on your matches: THE GUIDE


Mainly Final Cut Pro as well as After Effects and Photoshop at times. I also use the stock footage and music libraries by StoryBlocks and MotionArrray in my videos.

It was a 5-year+ timeframe for me and I still definitely see improvements and lots of room for improvements. I can't give you a 5-step process on how to get good at video editing. It really is a 1 step process - you become a good editor by editing a lot of videos. It's completely experienced based, trying new things etc.

There are so many great tutorials on YouTube, just get started with the project you want to pursue and apply just-in-time learning. Saw a transition you like? Use google and YouTube to figure out how it was done and copy it. Learn 1-2 new things in every project.

I don't know, I'm not a hardware or security expert. I like the BitBox02 made by Shift Crypto.

If you are in Europe, I can recommend (save fees with my code 'REL143889'). If you are in the US, is probably the way to go. If you are anywhere else, I really don't know, sorry.

1984, Meditations, Zero to One, Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!, What Has Government Done to Our Money?, Shoe Dog, Educated, The Ethics Of Money Production, Antifragile, Skin In The Game, The Courage To Be Disliked, Becoming Steve Jobs, Vom Gelde, In Order To Live, Deep Work, Can't Hurt Me, Bad Blood, Refactoring UI, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, The Design Of Everyday Things, Crossing The Chasm, Animal Farm, The Law, The Lessons of History, Man's Search For Meaning, When Money Dies, Bitcoin Is Venice, Born A Crime, I Am Dynamite, Atomic Habits, ...